Carpenters Local 27

2022 Leading On Diversity Award | Union

The Carpenters Local 27 recognizes it has a duty to do their part to ensure the future of the construction industry is an inclusive one. It is working closely internally to adjust policies and procedures, so the results are more inclusive. 

This is demonstrated by the fact that its current membership, staff and executive Board is one of the most diverse in Canada for any construction Union. Supported by their leadership, Black leaders of Carpenters Local 27, both women and men, have been a consistent presence in initiatives that support access for individuals from underrepresented to jobs and opportunities in the construction trades. 

They have been active in TCBN’s Ready to Build Program, the NexGen Builders Mentoring program for Black youth, and its Community Host outreach program targeted to women, newcomers, and other racialized groups.

Supported by Carpenters Local 27, the Canadian District United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America is beginning the process of developing a national standard to guide diversity and inclusion in apprenticeship programs.

There is a documented plan and open-door policy, to recruit youth from Local neighborhoods to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to start a career in construction. 

The Carpenters Union collaborates with Toronto Community Benefits Network and several other groups that offer pre-apprenticeship support such as Building up, TradeLinx, Hammer Heads, and Bolt. 

Through Trade Talks magazine and its website, Carpenters has simplified the basic requirement of a new member, making it simpler and more straightforward. 

They have designated every Tuesday morning to meeting and interviewing new members.

Local 27 is one of the industry leaders that is advancing diversity and equality on the jobsite. As a result, it has a very diverse workforce and is taking steps to ensure continued progress, tackling both systemic and anti-Black racism.

Carpenters Local 27 played a leading role in initiating the development of the Declaration of Inclusive Workplaces and Communities that was led by Mayor John Tory in February of 2021, following several instances of nooses being found on construction sites in Toronto in 2020.

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