Daniels Corporation

2022 NexGen Builders Award | Employer

The Daniels Corporation (Daniels) looks to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of its business. Daniels recognizes, that as a developer/builder, it has a powerful platform from which to lead systemic change. This includes its internal work such as training, hiring and advancement of employees to developments where the company integrates opportunities for local economic development by members of equity deserving groups to external relations where they are actively participating in industry initiatives to drive DEI and combat racism and discrimination.

In addition to hiring policies centered around diversity, Daniels has adjusted recruitment and procurement to be more inclusive. For example, Daniels actively shares postings and opportunities with organizations focused on inclusive hiring practices such as Dixon Hall, United Way, Mizwe Biik and Indigenous Works. 

“Daniels is focusing on more direct engagement with our Creating Real Apprenticeships for Toronto (CRAFT) pre-apprentices in addition to new hires. 

For CRAFT participants, the increased engagement is in the form of weekly check ins and a post program debrief and feedback session. We have found program completion rates for CRAFT have improved with the increased engagement.

For new hires, there is more time spent on onboarding as well as participating in a group “Coffee Talk” with our President and CEO on the history of the company, the mission and the values. This is a new initiative and the initial response is positive.

Daniels also had a robust social procurement program where we source contracts such as artwork, groundskeeping/landscaping services, photography, Catering, welcome gifts, etc. from emerging and mid career artists representing equity deserving groups. 

The results so far are positive with more diverse candidates and hires in addition to significant local economic benefits to members of equity deserving groups through social procurement.

Before our new policies and initiatives focused on recruitment and retention, we were not seeing as many diverse applicants as we are now. We are also finding that more diversity on our workforce and leadership is having a positive impact on retention and advancement in our company. 

Diversity and anti racism training is demonstrating to employees that the company takes DEI seriously and has zero tolerance for racism and discrimination.”

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