Desire Smith

2022 NexGen Builders Champion Award | Mentor

Desiree T. Smith holds membership at the Ontario College of Trades and is certified in the following trades: Floor Covering Installer and Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Setter. She started her career in construction through the Women in Skilled Trades Program, is presently working for Local 27, and has just recently completed her apprenticeship. 

Desiree is one of the founding members of the Ontario Building Construction Tradeswomen, who advocates for women, empowering them in the construction industry, providing mentoring, lending support and offering sisterly love. Her nominator says this of Desiree:

“She builds up our confidence, checks up on mentees, lend us tools and provides a listening ear. Through her networks among other females within construction trades, we're welcomed with open arms to the groups she has invited us to be a part of. We attend union meetings now, because she reminds us and she's usually in attendance.

Desiree is highly motivated and dedicated to the cause of mentorship and excels in providing leadership skills and support to her mentees. She's trustworthy and always willing to give a helping hand. She's strong and brave and we feed off her energy to believe we can do it too. She's an active delegate member in Carpenter’s local 27. Desiree is a highly respectable person and is very much approachable.”

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