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2022 NexGen Builders Award | Employer

Mosaic Transit Partners is a special-purpose company established solely to design, build and maintain the Finch West LRT. Our design-build project agreement includes a community benefit agreement where we are building 11 kilometres of modern, reliable, eco-friendly transit in northwest Toronto. In service, it will provide rapid transit for the Jamestown, Rexdale and Black Creek neighbourhoods, as well as provide vital connections between communities and support growth in northwest Toronto. 

Mosaic Transit Partners is committed to our community benefits agreement, and we are proud of the achievements made over the past 5 years: providing equitable economic opportunities, training and workforce development, support for social enterprises through procurement, and community improvements.

Our achievements include investing over $29 M in the local community, welcoming over 2,200 hires of which 20% belong to equity-deserving groups or the local community, and our procurement spend of more than $65,700 in social enterprises. We are proud of the community we work in, helping to building up Finch West for future generations.

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