Building Diversity Awards Nomination Form

Nomination Form

The NexGen Builders Champion -Mentor Award recognizes a mentor from the workplace or from TCBN's NexGen Builders Mentoring Program who has excelled in supporting the professional growth and development of a Mentee.

Criteria to be considered for this award include:

  • Member/ leader of union committee(s) that address equity and justice (examples- Human Rights , Minority Caucus)
  • Advisor to apprentices on the job and other venues within union local 
  • Mentor with TCBN’s NexGen Mentoring Program 
  • Member of TCBN’s Speakers Bureau
  • Leadership and or participation in Union outreach to underrepresented job seekers in communities impacted by construction projects, Covid-19, job-loss, and poverty 
  • Provides excellent support and guidance in addressing workplace or work/life challenges experienced by mentees 
  • Provides clarity and “tough love” when necessary 
  • Builds capacity of mentees to address concerns through business channels 
  • Shares experiences and examples of problems and solutions regarding systemic and anti-Black racism within the industry

The award recognizes an individual who puts into practice best practices identified by the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB,) standards for organizations around the world.

Building Diversity Awards Nomination Form

Nomination Form
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