Community Benefits Coalition in Canada Award Form

Nomination Form

The award is presented to a community benefits coalition in Canada, honoring those who have either achieved remarkable success or made considerable advancements in negotiating for a community benefits agreement. This agreement must integrate unique, local practices that significantly contribute to their community and aid in the development of a national standard for community benefits agreements.

Community Benefits Coalition in Canada Form

Start by entering your own name and contact information and then proceed to tell us more about the nominee.
Membership structure, location, community benefits campaigns or projects in place, etc.
Please describe.
Does the coalition have any or all of the following: by-laws, vision, mission, values statement, goals, objectives, and strategic plan?*
Are coalition leaders committed to the mission and providing leadership and guidance in the maintenance of the coalition?*
Is the coalition's membership broad-based?*
Includes community leaders, professionals, grass-roots community organizers who represent the target channels and population, etc.
Does the coalition have members with lived experience as part of their leadership?*
Does the coalition promote equal status and collaboration among its members?*
Do members share the coalition's mission and have a variety of resources and skills to offer?*
Does the coalition's sphere of influence extend beyond the local community?*
Has the coalition established effective communication mechanisms?*
Is the coalition attentive to individual member concerns?*
Are there processes in place for decision making, problem-solving and conflict resolution?*
Are there mechanisms for evaluation and accountability?*
Are the necessary financial and operational resources in place?*
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