Community Benefits Project Award Form

Nomination Form

The award acknowledges a significant construction project that operates under a formal Community Benefits Agreement, having shown positive results that either meet or surpass the agreement's stipulations. This recognition is extended jointly to the community, labour, and industry stakeholders who play a pivotal role in driving and overseeing the implementation of this agreement.

Community Benefits Project Nomination Form

Start by entering your own name and contact information and then proceed to tell us more about the nominee.
Is there a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) in place or being negotiated?*
Project owner, general contractor, project scale, location, duration of build, etc.
Are community benefits commitments included in a signed agreement?*
Were commitments negotiated through meaningful community engagement with equity deserving groups?*
Are there any accountability measures in place?*
Are commitments comprehensive in scope and duration with benefits throughout the lifecycle of the project?*
Planning, design, build, finance, operate, maintain
Are there measurable targets for each benefit that is agreed upon?*
For example-equity hiring, social procurement, affordable housing, neighbourhood and environmental improvements.
Was the CBA negotiated and signed well in advance of the project start date?*
Have all key stakeholders signed the agreement?*
For ex. client/owner, community intermediary, general contractor, or operator and other decision makers, as relevant.
Are the community benefits clauses described in detail in the project agreements between the client owner and general contractors and subcontractors?*
Are the community benefits clauses included in any union collective agreement or project labour agreement?*
Is there a Community Benefits Program in place to implement the CBA?*
Examples include an Apprenticeship Plan, a Workforce Development Plan, a Social Procurement Plan and a Communications Plan.
Is there a Community Benefits Intermediary in place to support the implementation of the CBA Program?*
Are there procedures and resources in place to implement the CBA Program?*
For example, has the general contractor designated a Community Benefits Liaison person to support the work of the Community Benefits Intermediary?
Has the necessary funding been allocated to fulfill the agreed upon CBA Program?*
For example, has funding been allocated to recruit, train, onboard and retain equity hires and equity contractors?
Do key partners collaborate to promote the CBA Program for employment and other economic opportunities?*
Is there a plan in place to monitor, track and report progress?*
Is there a risk management process in place to ensure progress is occurring?*
For example, CBA Projects generally have a Community Benefits Working Group (CBWG) made up of all key stakeholders to monitor and support the implementation.
Do community members of the working group have an equal voice, with the ability to co-chair the meetings?*
Is the CBA visible and transparent?*
For example, is there a website showcasing CBA outcomes, and listing employment and procurement opportunities?
Are there publicly available quarterly progress reports and annual reports?*
Does the Community Benefits Working Group apply necessary remedies and accountability measures to ensure expected deliverables are met?*
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